Install MATLAB

HANcoder is based on MATLAB® Simulink so this needs to be installed first. If you already have MATLAB® installed check if the version is supported and check if you have the necessary toolboxes. This page shows the installation procedure of Matlab and how to run Matlab as an administrator.

Supported Matlab versions and toolboxes

The following versions of MATLAB® are supported:
MATLAB® 32-bit, 2009a until 2014a
MATLAB® 64-bit, 2012a until 2018a
For MATLAB® versions from 2009b until 2013a a special set of template models is included in the download

If you already have MATLAB® installed please check if the following toolboxes are installed, these are required:

  • Simulink® Coder (formerly Real-time Workshop)
  • Embedded Coder® (formerly Real-time Workshop Embedded Coder)

The following options are optional, but recommended

  • MATLAB Coder®
  • Stateflow®
  • Stateflow Coder® (nowadays integrated in Simulink Coder)
  • Fixed-point Designer (formerly Fixed-Point Toolbox & Simulink Fixed Point)
  • Vehicle Network Toolbox

Installation procedure

MATLAB® can be downloaded from the MathWorks® website. As can seen in the figure below, you can find the download on the products page. You’ll need a Mathworks® account to download products of Mathworks®.

The installation steps for MATLAB® are documented on the MathWorks website. Please follow the steps as indicated on the website, the steps for older MATLAB® versions are similar. Be aware of the additional installing info, located below, that is important for the use of HANcoder.


As mentioned above some toolboxes are required to be able to work with HANcoder. The toolboxes can be selected in the window shown during the installation:

Matlab as administrator

To give MATLAB® the permission to remove and overwrite files, needed by HANcoder, it has to be run as administrator. It can be set as default by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to the location where the shortcut to MATLAB® is located.

Start a search for MATLAB R2015a right click: Open file location

Step 2: Right click on the MATLAB R2015a shortcut and select properties.

Go to the Compatibility tab and select Run this program as an administrator. Click apply.