HANcoder is a library of real time targets for MATLAB/Simulink®. HANcoder enables fully automatic code generation from Simulink for different hardware platforms.

Generating code is a easy as connecting hardware related blocks to your Simulink model for one of the HANcoder targets in the Simulink library and generate code with one click on a button. The look and feel of HANcoder is similar for the various supported hardware platforms, making it easy to switch between different hardware choices in your projects.

HANcoder consists of the following real time targets:

  • RC30 Target
  • STM32 Target

STM32 Target

STM32 Target provides support for various STM32 microcontroller based boards. The boards are very low-cost, enabling quick prototyping and educational usage. Some boards have Arduino style headers allowing the connection of many extensions boards available in the Arduino community. The processing power of the ARM Cortex-M3 /M4 based STM32 microcontrollers is adequate for high speed industrial applications like robotics and power control, while CAN bus support provides a good base for automotive applications.

RC30 Target

RC30 Target provides support for Bosch Rexroth Bodas RC30 controllers. These controllers are au-tomotive specified series production controllers with a wealth of I/O, making them suitable for rapid control prototyping purposes as well.

Combination of HANcoder and HANtune

The different real time targets represent themselves as a library in Simulink. By using blocks from this library, the user can connect a MATLAB/Simulink model to inputs and outputs of the controller hard-ware. The inputs and outputs are represented by dedicated Simulink blocks. The behavior of the inputs and outputs can be changed by adapting the appropriate block mask parameters. System con-figuration can also be easily performed by system configuration blocks.

HANcoder targets are accompanied by HANtune for application engineering work. The workflow using HANcoder and HANtune is explained here