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HANcoder STM32 Target Download instructions

There are two options for downloading and installing HANcoder STM32 Target.
Option 1 is to download and install an example project that combines HANcoder STM32 Target and the OpenBLT bootloader.
Option 2 is to download and install the latest-and-greatest version of HANcoder STM32 Target source code and the OpenBLT bootloader separately.
Both options are described on this page.

Option 1 - An example project: HANcoder STM32 Target + OpenBLT

These example projects are complete: all necessary files and folders are in the correct place.

 HANcoder STM32 Target 1.0 + OpenBLT v1.0.1: Download
 HANcoder STM32 Target 1.1 Beta + OpenBLT v1.0.1: Download
 This is a Beta release.
 If you are not sure this release is for you, please download HANcoder STM32 Target 1.0 instead.
 This release adds the following support for the STM32 Olimexino target:
 - XCP over UART
 - servo motor control
 - variable frequency for PWM outputs
 - signal tower

Option 2 - HANcoder STM32 Target from source code

HANcoder STM32 Target source code from GitLab

If you would like to use the latest-and-greatest version of HANcoder STM32 Target, than the source code is available for download on GitLab

Please note that HANcoder STM32 Target works best with OpenBLT V1.0.1 bootloader running on the STM32 target microcontroller and the MicroBoot PC application for communication with the bootloader. These are, however, not provided on GitLab and should be installed manually as described next.

OpenBLT binaries

OpenBLT bootloader version 1.0.1 by Feaser can be used for flash programming the STM32 target microcontrollers.
Several bootloader binaries are available for download: File:OpenBLT v1.0.1 Bootloaders.zip
Howto install such a bootloader on the STM32 target microcontroller is described in the Installation manual.

Note: OpenBLT bootloader source code is available here:


The MicroBoot PC application as described in the Installation manual needs to be downloaded and installed separately: File:Microboot.zip

The location of the MicroBoot application cannot be chosen freely, because several scripts use paths relative to the installation folder. Therefore make sure that the Host folder is at the same level as the Target folder:

    +- /MicroBoot
    |    |
    |    +- MicroBoot.exe
    |    +- ...
    +- /blockset
    +- /Development tools
    +-  ...

Tip 1: Have look at the combined HANcoder STM32 Target + OpenBLT example projects above for an example of this folder structure.

Tip 2: An easy way to get the latest GitLab version in a fully prepared environment:
1. Download one of the example projects
2. In the example project, replace the Target folder with the Target folder as provided on GitLab.

HANcoder RC30 Target

HANcoder RC30 Target is available upon request in open and closed source version.