Getting Started


This getting started uses a step-by-step approach to guide you through the getting started process. You can use the menu items on the right to browse through the step, or you can use the buttons below each step to move one step forward or backward.


To get started creating embedded software from Simulink models: use HANcoder.
First choose the controller for your project, for a quick prototype or robotics project we recommend the STM32 series development board from Olimex. If you need a more serious automotive spec. ECU, use the Rexroth RC30 series. Check the get hardware page to see where to buy.


For getting started with the STM32 development boards follow the installation steps on this site, starting with Installing Matlab. Use the menu on the right of this screen for easy navigation.


Want to check what your program is doing or visualize and send data on a CANbus: use HANtune. This program was first developed to visualize and influence the software created with HANcoder. Nowadays it is also possible to use the program for receiving and visualizing data on the CANbus next to sending messages by using a simple interface which you can freely define. It is even possible to combine the two functionalities and check how a HANcoder program responds to a CAN message.